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A centralized advertising marketplace comprised of trusted local publishers — all underpinned by the scale, safety, and performance that only Concert can provide.

Learn how Concert Local can scale your local marketing strategies.

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Building a Better Future

In today’s advertising ecosystem, marketers are often forced to compromise scale and automation at the expense of context, quality and trust.

Refusing to accept the status quo, Vox Media and NBCU built Concert in 2016 out of a desire to create an easy, safe, and premium advertising solution for marketers and to improve the advertising experience for audiences.

Today Concert is the only centralized entry point to the premium open web that delivers scale, quality, innovation, turnkey execution, and responsible data.

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“Previously, advertisers would target this type of high end audience online by either a) buying ads separately across a bunch of different web publishers or b) buying ads across a third-party ad network that typically has less brand-safe inventory. Now they can do it all in one place, with less hassle and less risk”



Meet our entire portfolio of editorial brands. Your ads will run on these sites, and these sites only.


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Concert’s Formula


Your ads run on sites from our exclusive network of trusted editorial brands, and nowhere else.


Our proprietary ad products are designed to deliver the highest quality, most engaging experience for advertisers and audiences alike.

Turnkey Execution

We provide a frictionless buying experience across programmatic channels, or via direct IO.

Responsible Data

We have best-in-class targeting and optimization tools built for performance and trust.

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Our audience tools

Reach the right people at the right time. Drive better results with advanced targeting and real-time optimization.

Creative Intelligence

Automatically generate hundreds of unique creative combinations. Identify and serve the best performing ads against your KPIs, in real-time.


better engagement with 6+ variations

Conversational Intelligence

Analyze the full content on a page to determine content, context, and tone to provide better targeting and better brand safety.

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High-Impact Display


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higher interaction rate vs industry standard

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lift over standard native distribution CTR

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Non-Intrusive, Innovative Formats

all built in-house via our proprietary ad tech platform


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