Publisher Partners

Born out of the partnership between Vox Media & NBCUniversal, Concert brings the best publishers across the web together under one roof. Our trusted marketplace delivers the scale and safety marketers demand, while supporting top tier publishers with unique demand and premium yield. We’re the first and only publisher-led demand partner.

The Portfolio

Concert reaches 230MM monthly uniques, 86% of the total digital population in the United States.

Concert’s portfolio of publisher partners is made up of ~80 brands, versus the typical 3.5k that make up other ad networks online. Current publishers include Vox Media, NBCUniversal, The Atlantic, Condé Nast, Vice Media, Hearst Newspapers, and more.

Our publisher partners all follow the same pillars - authoritative & passionate, trustworthy & brand-safe, dedicated audiences, and quality obsessed.

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What we offer

Increased Revenue

High quality, unique demand at premium CPMs

Beautiful Ads

Only one cross-screen format called the Athena. The Athena is always user first, and never covers or sticks to your editorial content. We seamlessly integrate within article content to never sacrifice the user experience

High Quality Service

Hands-on technical, strategic, and product support

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Easy Integration

Concert ads integrate into your existing ad slots, preferably within content or in-article. Ads are completely dynamic and responsive

Recommended Aspect Ratio:
• 1060x590 desktop
• 640x960 mobile

Integrate with Traditional Tags or Header

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